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Recently added Popular open source Alternatives to Find And Run Robot on
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  • 04/15/09--14:34: Launchy
  • Launchy is a free Windows and Linux utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager. Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes.

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  • 08/10/09--14:49: AddToRun
  • AddToRun is a small utility that will allow you to open any file or application from the Start Menu's Run Command dialog box (WIN+R). It has a very simple interface which will allow you to select a file and assign it an alias or friendly name.

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  • 11/20/10--00:24: Quickdroid Search
  • Quickly search, find and launch apps, contacts, bookmarks, artists, albums and songs on your Android phone. Quickdroid is just like Quicksilver for Mac OS X, Launchy for Microsoft Windows or GNOME Do for Linux. It also includes a launcher for the most recently used search results. Use on-screen keyboard or gestures. The first time app sync takes some seconds.

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  • 12/14/10--01:02: LaunchOne
  • LaunchOne is a keyboard Launcher similar to . It allows you to start applications and documents via keyboard using completion on EVERY arg (major lack of Launchy).

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  • 12/14/10--16:12: Synapse
  • Synapse is a semantic launcher written in Vala that you can use to start applications as well as find and access relevant documents and files by making use of the Zeitgeist engine.

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  • 07/09/12--08:48: dmenu
  • dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently.

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  • 12/28/13--12:12: ASuite
  • ASuite is a simple application launcher to manage an unlimited number of files, folders and webpage for quick access. It is designed to work with removable storage (uses relative paths) media like USB sticks, hard drives, iPods, etc.

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  • 10/27/14--10:40: Mutate
  • Mutate is a simple launcher inspired by for Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips. Features: * Find Applications & Files * Find Files * Kill process * integration Select some words use your mouse, than press ctrl+t(you can define it ) or input 'tr' and some words * Quick-Search the Web - Google search - Github search You can add other keywods such as keywords like wiki, twitter or youtube. * open url * quickly shut down or log out or reboot

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  • 01/25/15--11:49: Flashlight
  • The missing plugin system for Spotlight. Flashlight is an app that supercharges OS X's built-in search. Check the weather, search the web, send an iMessage, find an emoji — all by typing in the search box. With more than 70 plugins, you can do anything on your Mac in just a few keystrokes.

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  • 03/22/16--22:47: Hain
  • Hain is an ALT + SPACE launcher for Windows that looks and works similar to FEATURES Searching Executable files us very fast with Fuzzy Matching Plugins in Pure JavaScript

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  • 10/04/16--12:22: Yal
  • Yal - Yet Another Launcher Yet Another Launcher Yal can help you speed up the way you interact with your Windows based PC. You can easily access your favorite programs, documents, even browser bookmarks. You don't even have to type their full name. Yal can usually tell what you actually want, without expecting many input characters. There's also TAB completion that could come handy in some cases. The more you use Yal, the better it gets. It keeps count of the keywords you enter and the entries you execute, thus it will always give you the best possible suggestions. You can also perform simple math calculations, access your clipboard's history, termitate processes, you can quickly switch between opened windows, perform searches in your favourite search engines...and more to come.

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  • 01/04/17--03:42: Zazu
  • Zazu is a new open source productivity app, that allows developers to be in the drivers seat. Unlike other solutions, there is no built in integrations, so every plugin has the full scope of what Zazu has to offer.

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  • 01/20/17--09:22: CerebroApp
  • Cerebro is an open source and free electron-based productivity software alternative to Alfred and Spotlight. It is focused on speed and good UI and UX. In most cases you don't even need to open another application, because you can see results right in Cerebro, like google maps, IMDV movies or contact details.

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  • 10/20/17--01:20: Krunner
  • Krunner is a multi-function command line menu for the KDE Plasma Desktop. At times, it almost seems as you could manage all your computing from Krunner. Among other things, you can launch commands, open websites using the abbreviations defined in System Settings > Shortcuts > Web Shortcuts, send emails, convert units of measurements, open particular system settings, and view the date and time.

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  • 11/22/17--00:11: Steward
  • a command launcher with extension management/app launcher/tab management/history search/alfred